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Ultra Tech Transmissions has adopted a policy of implementing Competency Based HR system -especially Talent Acquisition, Talent Management including Training and Performance Management System. The core objective being the Right person for Right job!!

Competency Framework has proven to be a very effective tool for making each HR process more transparent and credible.

Talent Acquisition:

Our HR Systems begin with acquiring competent talent. We have a unique recruitment process where in potential applicants are selected through a systematic and scientific approach based on defined job role and required competency. It involves primary self-assessment based on defined competency followed by customised interview. This eventually has made the selection process apt and effective. This is reflected in the high rate of retention.

Talent Management: (Performance Management System & ‘LAKSHYA’)

Acquiring the best of the people and mere giving them best of resources for their as well the organizational progress does not complete the process of HR management.

Indeed, it starts here. Our annual ‘Performance Management System’ (PMS) and the monthly ‘LAKSHYA’ gives opportunity to put forward and appraise their performances and apprise them accordingly.

‘LAKSHYA’ is a stage for the employees to have a informal interaction with the management over a cup of tea.

Learning and Development:

We at UTT have adopted a very unique practice for L&D. We encourage our people to come with topics they wish to share - Knowledge Sharing Sessions (KSS) it can be related to the subject or anything. The aim being to develop multidisciplinary approach and objectivity in work.

Along with competency enrichment training, the training sessions on current trends are also. Organised. This activity fosters interdisciplinary approach to learning too.