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While our country is progressing faster than the envisioned rate ,it has posed a challenge to cope up with the pace to keep up the impetus generated in each field -may it be the manufacturing or the service industry . This very fact has brought about revolution in information and technology. Realising this very fact UTT presents a team of interdisciplinary professionals equipped with the state of art technology in their respective filed.

The company enjoys the privilege of having very strong value at the individual and organisational level. May it be commitment, integrity , perseverance or transparency in actions. The professional qualifications and right professional experience has made the UTT team the most dependable one . The dependability is demonstrated in the quality of work, precision in documentation and total commitment for customer delight.

The company management has integrated the quality management principles with each business process. The context of Quality, Environment and Safety are the integral concerns in each endeavour –both technical as well as commercial. As a result of which the deployment of systems is ensured . It has given us a very stronger base of the satisfied suppliers ready to supply quality material consistently, total compliance with statutory and legal requirements resulting to ZERO accident and NON COMPLIANCE at each level- The matter to be proud about!!

I feel proud to have the competent team with me who has always brought the success at UTT. The tenure of 55 years of success is a evidence of this conviction.

The stories of success has paved a way ahead to explore challenging project . To undertake such projects ,the company has developed the risk assessment and risk management competence .

With these strength, UTT presents an unmatched alternative for constructing power transmission line locally and globally.